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Back to School: 8 Life Saving Apps for Students

Going to Uni is a big step in each and one of us lives. If you either choose to study abroad, in a different city or you’ll study in your own hometown, it’s a huge step. Usually going to Uni involves leaving your parents’ place and live on you own, which can be super overwhelming, but we’ll talk about that on a different blog post.

I moved across the country for my Master’s Degree, to a completely new city. Luckily now we have smartphones and apps, which are making out lives much easier. Here are some apps for students that you should definitely take into consideration either if you are a freshman or just moving to a new city to continue your studies.

apps for students

Back to School: 8 Life Saving Apps for Students

1. Dropbox or Google Drive

You will notice that there are lots of Google apps around here. That’s because they are simply very good and handy. That’s why I strongly recommend you to create a gmail account which will help you connect to all the Google services (such as YouTube, Google+, Google Drive and so on).

It’s great to have your courses always with you. Through a cloud service, you can store you courses, projects or other files Uni related that you might need to have on hand anytime. You can access them from you phone or from any computer at the library.

2. Google Calendar

Google calendar is great because it’s available on most mobile platforms (included in iOS’ calendar app). It also sends you e-mail notification regarding the events you scheduled.  I use it to add my exam dates, final assignments deadlines and so on. Set the calendar to remind you a day or two before the deadline so that you can complete it.

3. Duolingo – for foreign/international students

If you study abroad and the national language is not English it will be difficult to talk with people around you. Duolingo is a free app which aims to teach people foreign languages. You can learn some basic things fast and easy.

4. Coach.me

Coach.me is a mobile app, but they also have a website and it’s a habit tracker.

Living by yourself can turn out chaotic and you will feel the need to get some control over your life, including habits. Choach.me will help you take up some really healthy habits by sending you reminders and allowing you to track your progress.

5. LifeSum

Just like, Coach.me, LifeSum will help you keep tracking on your meals. If you either are on a diet or just want to make sure that you are eating regular and healthy meals, LifeSum will be your new BFF.

If you don’t know how to cook (which you should by now) you will most likely buy junk food, which is not good at all. Use LifeSum to keep tracking on the food that you are eating.

6. Seven Minute Workout

You might not be into working out, which is why seven minute workout is the perfect app for students. It gives you seven minutes of easy, light exercises to keep you healthy.

7. Google Translate

Google translate is perfect for foreign students. The app has now a feature which can translate vocal messages as well. This can be life saving if people around don’t speak English; you can put the app translate from English to the local language.

8. Google Maps

This app will guide you through the city and it won’t fail you. Chances are that the bus lines are also uploaded to google maps and the app will also tell you which is the shortest and fastest route and how to get there –  it will show bus, bike or walking by foot routes.

Google Maps is for sure one of my favourite apps for students because it can really save you of lots of weird situations.

Do you use any of these apps for students? Which ones are your favourites? Let me know in the comments down below, I love finding out your thoughts!

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