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How to Make a Small Living Space Look Bigger

Usually, when you first move in by yourself, you end up living in quite a small living space – or you could be a millionaire kid and move into a penthouse, but if you’re here you definitely are not a millionaire kid. Nice to meet you, btw!

You can make a small living space look bigger with the help of an interior designer, but how got money for that, right?! There are also some tricks that can help you make your living space look bigger and it all has to do with illusion and physics.

1. Light colours

It’s a well now fact that light colours can make a room look bigger. But don’t let yourself lured in the all white walls trap. From my own experience, I tell you that white painting on the walls can turn into a nightmare – it gets dirty very fast and easy (no kids needed, you’ll do it by yourself)and you will end up painting your wall every tree months because they get dirty very fast. Instead of white, choose pale warm colours like yellow, pink, camel or any other colour.

Feel free to go white with the doors and windows, it won’t be too much white and they will stay white for a long time – no need to repaint them.

Don’t go just for the walls, but for the curtains as well! Having a light colour curtain will brighten up your room and also will keep the sun away.

2. Add dimension

This is an easy trick that we use for clothing as well: vertical stripes will make you look skinnier, while horizontal stripes will make you look thicker. Have that in mind when you are choosing a stripped item to decor your home with.

3. Glass & mirrors

Mirrors are know for reflecting our beauty, but they also can make a living space look bigger. You can put a tall mirror on door, or in a living room.

Transparent glass – such as chandeliers – will also help you make your living space look bigger. Opt for chandeliers or a see through glass door.

4. Clean the windows & let the light in

Easy like that. Not to mention the oddly satisfying feeling of looking through a crystal clear glass. A clean window will look like your windows are always open and it will also let a lot of bright light in, which will make any small living space look bigger.

5. Bring some contrast

We’ve talked about pale, light colours for the wall, doors, windows and curtains. That doesn’t mean you have to keep everything pale, because you will end up with a dull living space.

Add some contrast: dark or bright colour items will do the trick. The contrast will add dimension to your living space and it will bring it to life.

6. Leave breathing space

A small living space can easily get crowded easily with lots of things.You don’t want to do this, it will make your small living space even smaller. If you know that you can resist the temptation to put lots of things wherever you find a free spot – add some big potted plants, they will keep you away from adding items and they will give you oxygen as well, so double win!

I hope that you found these easy tricks of how to make a small living space look bigger useful.

You can find lots of inspiration online, as well in the below Pinterest board – where you can also find all the pictures that I got my inspiration for this article.

Happy decorating!

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