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5 Tricks That Will Make Your Rented Apartment Feel Like Home

Source: pinterest.com / Edit: janded.eu

Source: pinterest.com / Edit: janded.eu

Moving out can be difficult, especially is it’s for the first time. Rented apartments don’t offer you the luxury to redecorate as you would like, or maybe your budget didn’t even thought about decorating. Here are some simple, affordable, DIYable tips & tricks that will make your rented apartment feel like home.

1. Change the front door mat.

If you have one already, of course.  That tiny carpet is the first thing that you see when you walk in and it says a lot about the life lived behind the door. Choose a front door carpet that will welcome you properly to your new home.

2. Change the curtains. 

When I moved in we had this hideous curtains, that made the bedroom look like a ward. We also needed drawers, because the sun was rising on the same side as the windows, and the room was heating up pretty fast.

Quick Tip: If you want your room to look bigger, choose a light colour for your curtains. To create the illusion of a higher or lower ceiling,  choose curtains with vertical respectively horizontal lines. So a light colour with horizontal or vertical stripes will give your room a new dimension.

3. Add plants.

Pot plants are a great and simple way to add some personal touch and warmth to your living space. They can say a lot about your personality ( if you are feminine and delicate, you might feel comfortable around roses) and they keep you healthy.  Some studies have proven that pot plants contribute to your wellbeing. But if you think that you are cursed – like I thought – and every green-living thing in a pot is doomed to die around you, choose a plant that doesn’t need so much attention.

4. Add some colour & switch them.  

Either you match your trash pillows with your rug or curtains,  or add some decoration items,  make sure that you don’t over colour your space. Two main colours are the recipe for success,  but you can hack it with 3 colours too. But no more than 3! When you are decorating,  keep in mind that the human brain is built to love symmetry and always use odd numbers when it comes to decorations.

Quick Tip: Switch from time to time some items.  Just switching an item with another will keep you away from boredom and routine. 

5. Bring something with you from home. 

Homesickness is terrible and sadly we can’t get rid of it. But we can ease our suffering by bringing something from the place that you consider your home, to the new residence. Don’t over think! Nothing big or complicated! Maybe some framed pictures with you as a baby and your parents,  or some fridge magnets from that memorable trip you had with your friends. Place them somewhere safe or where you can see them; but whatever you choose,  you will know that they are there and this thought will comfort you.

If these simple tips to make your rented apartment feel like home don’t work right away, just be patient. You need time to get used to your new apartment & new life, so everything will be just fine!

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Also, let me know what tricks did you use to make your rented apartment feel like home!

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