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Moleskine’s legendary notebooks

Maybe you’ve heard of Moleskine and their amazing notebooks, maybe not. To be honest I don’t remember how I discover their amazing notebooks. All I know is that I am kinda crazy and maniac about notebooks and I want them all!

Moleskine is an Italian based company which creates notebooks, journals, planners and device cases. Even if their notebooks are a bit more expensive than the regular notebooks, they are high quality and… very beautiful! People crazy about beautiful notebooks will understand me.

A really cool thing about their notebooks is that they have a notebook for everything: planners, plainnotebooks, passion journal, planners by Evernote and so on. They also have accessories such us pens, pencils and cases.

I got my first Moleskine notebooks whenΒ I was visiting Madrid. It’s red, of course. I also have the Recipe Journal (which is amazing), the black paper album, and I also bought a plain oxide green notebook and the limited edition of The Hobbit. Now about The Hobbit notebook I have a really funny story. The notebook is 35 euros/dollars, but if you switch to Romania it is only 35 RON, which is about 8 euros or 10 dollars – real bargain! And it is for real, they didn’t took more that 8 euros from my credit card… so their mistake, my win.

my red Moleskine legendary notebok

my red Moleskine legendary notebook

If you create an account onΒ moleskine.com, you have free access to templates of their notebooks. You can download, print and stick them in your notebooks. On their Passion Journal for example, they have some blank pages where you can put the printed templates.

I love the Moleskine notebooks and I will have a planner soon and my shopping list is not ending here. A Moleskine notebook can also be a great idea for a gift because they have a lot of personalized notebooks (with the Simpsons, Star Wars, LEGO and so on).

Do you have a Moleskine product? Which one is your favourite?