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motivate you to workout clothes laid down

Ways To Motivate You To Workout

Health-related goals top US citizen’s resolutions list. We want to lose weight, stay fit be healthier. This is probably the top wish and hope for most of us. It’s all great setting big goals, but it’s extremely hard to stick to them and to get motivated to not give up.

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Let’s get back to the workout. Everyone wants that perfect beach body, but it’s so difficult to motivate yourself to workout when sweat and pain are involved.

I’m not a huge workout fan. Probably because I’m skinny and I’m not worried about losing weight (I’m more into gaining it, actually). I am also aware that working out regularly has many benefits and I want to stay healthy as much as I can, so I workout every now and then.

Anyway, here are some tips that worked for me and hopefully will work for you too.

Ways To Motivate You To Workout

motivate you to workout clothes laid down

Before we dig in, I believe it’s super important to know why are you working out. Is it because:

  • you want to stay fit? or
  • you want to lose weights?

The reason why I believe it’s important to know your “why” is because you can end up with different routines. Staying fit does not require a strict diet and observation. If you want to lose weight (for real) then there are more factors involved: you should follow a strict diet and be supervised by a trainer or a doctor, to make sure your health will be ok.

1. Track Your Workout Progress

Nothing motivates us more than seeing progress and results. So, you probably set some workout goals already.

Before you start working out, take a few pictures of yourself (or ask someone else to do it if the mirror is not helping), take all measurements needed: around your waist, your bum; on the main areas of your body you intent seeing progress.

Check the status of each KPI every month or so to notice the progress. Be careful! Checking to often might give you the wrong impression that nothing’s happening.

2. Pay for It

Spending money for nothing can be very motivating.

So, if you pay for a gym subscription, you better use it because otherwise, you just wasted money. A good idea is to have a friend that has the same subscription as you, so you motivate each other to not waste money and keep working out at the gym.

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3. Sign a Contract

This also involves money, because apparently giving money away is the best stimulant ever.

So, what this basically means is to take a close friend and sign a contract with him/her. Write down your workout goals and state that every single time you skip a workout for no good reason (be sure to include a list of these too), you will pay them a certain amount of money.

Choose the right person for this. Lots of people feel uncomfortable when money is involved. So decide to a reasonable amount of money. Eventually, when you reach your goal, they can give you your money back. Double win!

motivate you to workout clothes laid down

4. Workout Journaling

I’m quite sure this is not a thing, but I decided to name it like this. Workout journaling implies you should write down after every workout (if possible) how you feel. Write about the endorphin rushing through your body, about how difficult it is to walk because of the soreness and so on.

In this way, you can look back and see the progress and also realise that things were worst and they will get better.

5. Get Endorphin Addicted

Endorphin addiction is a real thing. It can be good or bad, depending on how far you let it go.

 Endorphins are hormones meant to inhibit pain signals that induce euphoria feelings as well. – Wiki

So endorphin distracts you from the muscle pain we all feel after a workout. They make you feel pumped, motivated, alert and happy that you took care of your body.

Enjoy that feeling. Own it and make the best part of working out. You’re working out to feel good after all. Try to leave the muscle pain fear at the bottom of the list.

These should be the tricks that worked for me so far. What tricks motivate you to workout? Share them with me in the comments, please!

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