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why to pack light

Why You Should Always Pack Light for Your Travels

Travelling is great, but there is always one thing which makes me cringe when I think of it: packing. Every single time when I pack for travelling, somehow, I get this weird idea that I’ll turn to be a completely different gal who uses body lotion twice a day, has a day and night outfit and so on.

Let’s face it: we all have the urge to over-pack every single time. I managed to start packing lighter, but I still come back with a few things I haven’t used or worn, so I call that over-packing still.

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While all the things you want to pack seem indispensable, take a moment to ask yourself if you really, really need it. So, without further ado, let’s start debating why you should always try to pack light for your travels! 

It’s Lighter

I started with the obvious one. 

I travel with a camping back pack that converts to a solder bag as well. If I stuff it, it gets too heavy to carry. The same thing happens to a carry-on bag.

pack light flat lay

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After carrying the bag around the airport for an hour or so, you’ll start regretting packing so many things.

Skip the Queues

If you ever travelled with a check-in bag, you know already you have at least 2 queues to wait for:

  • wait at the check-in queue
  • wait for the luggage to arrive from the airplane
why to pack light

It takes a lot of time for the bag to come from the airplane, so I gave up on taking a check-in bag. I consider it’s precious time wasted. While you wait for the luggage, you can already be heading to the accommodation. So save more time by giving up the check-in luggage.

It’s Cheaper

1 in 150 people loses their luggage at an airport. Most of the low-cost companies, won’t include the check-in luggage in the ticket’s price. So, if you want a check-in bag, you’ll have to pay for it, which is not nice when you want to spend less on plane tickets.

Also, if you opt for a check-in bag, it can easily get heavier than the limit imposed by the airline, which means extra money from your pocket. And the extra weight fees are not cheap.

It Won’t Get Lost

Having your luggage lost is probably everyone’s worst fear. Sometimes we pack valuable things like a laptop or a photo camera in the check-in bag (just for the record – never pack valuable things in your check-in bag).

It can take weeks to get your luggage back and nothing guarantees you’ll get all of your things in it.

tech flat lay

Not to mention that some airlines require you to have insurance purchased for such situations. If the airline loses your luggage and you don’t have the insurance purchased, they won’t take responsibility for loosing it and most probably won’t bother to help you recover it.

It’s Safer

Now that we excluded the loosing scenario, let’s talk about the overall safety of the content of your bag.

It’s well known that check-in bags are not handled gentle. If you don’t pack them accordingly – for mechanical shocks – you risk to have things spilled or broke when you reach your destination.

I don’t know about you, put I care a lot about my camera.

Less Decisions to Take

Packing light means less everything: make-up, clothes, shoes and so on. 

You know what more clothes means? More time wasted deciding what you should wear. Each travel has a limited time, so I would very much prefer to spend my time exploring rather than deciding what to wear. Wouldn’t you?

Do you pack light for your travels? Which are the most challenging parts of packing light for you?

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