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5 Tips That Will Make Packing for Travelling Easier

Most of us love travelling or going on (frequent) holidays. And it’s studied and documented. For example, in 2016 EU residents took over 1.2 million trips around Europe, according to Eurostat.

Booking plane tickets and accommodation can be tricky for the inexperienced ones, but there is always an activity that will be a pain in the ass for everybody: packing for travelling.

Packing for travelling can be stressful (if you leave it to the night before), heavy (if you overpack) and tiering (cleaning up all the mess you made while packing).

I previously wrote about tips and tricks for packing for travelling, but they are more general. This article is focused more on what you can do before you start de actual packing; it’s more like pre-packing planning. 🙂

5 Tips That Will Make Packing for Travelling Easier

As I mentioned before, I think that the key to living a less stressful life is planning ahead.

So, here’s what I found helped me a lot.

1. Toiletries bag ready to go

I mentioned this tip in one of my previous articles.

The tip is to have a make-up bag filled with (almost) all the things you usually take while travelling.

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If you travel quite often, this will help a lot. I gave up a long time ago taking the whole container of the beauty product with me. I have small glass containers and I fill them with eye cream, face cream, cleanser and so on.

Here are some things you can add to your toiletry bag ready to go:

  • deodorant
  • skin care products (cleansers, eye cream, toner, moisturizer, etc.) all in small containers
  • Q tips
  • cotton pads
  • pads and tampons
  • pills – if you need any or if know you are prone to certain sicknesses
  • a couple of make-up brushes that you don’t use daily
  • wet wipes

The list can look differently, based on your needs and habits.

But I think you got the main idea: keep a small bag filled with all toiletries you usually take when travelling. In this way, you can skip the step of packing toiletries every single time; you just pop the bag in the luggage.

Last, but not least, quickly check toiletries bag to see if you need something else. It will still take less than packing toiletries from zero.

packing for travelling flatlay

2. Don’t pack all the toiletries

I know… I just told you to pack your toiletries in one bag to always have them on the go.

The thing is: it’s useful to take small amounts of shampoo and body wash if you’ll travel for a few days only. If you travel for several weeks, you’ll need more.

So to avoid some extra good grams to your luggage, don’t pack things that you can also buy where you will travel:

  • body wash
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo
  • deodorant

Most brands are available worldwide and prices are quite similar.

So, you don’t have to pack heavy and voluminous containers. In case you have special products designed for some skin problems, take them with you.

In my case, for example, I use a specific deodorant specially designed for sensitive and dry skin. It’s more like a medicine, so I’m not sure it’s available everywhere, so I usually take it with me.

3. Count, count, count

Another tip that I previously recommended, but that I still swear by.

Count the days you’ll be travelling.

For each day, plan an outfit and eventually add some night time outfits.

Choose clothes that can be combined. For example, a pair of trousers can be worn multiple times, while a T-shirt or a blouse, you’ll wear it most likely once.

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Also, take an extra “for safety” outfit. An extra sweater in case of chilly, unexpected weather or an extra T-shirt in case you spill something on.

4. Take photos

When you feel really inspired to create outfits, just do it!

Lay down different outfits that you plan to wear during your trip and take photos of them.

In this way, when you will start packing you can look at the photos and pack accordingly. The pics can also help you remember the outfits, in case you can’t remember which T-shirt goes with what jeans.

Pretty obvious, but take really good care of your smartphone; it’s the number one lost item while travelling.

5. Your go-to list of things

We all have favourite things we like to use or wear.

In my case, I wouldn’t leave without my reusable water bottle, a pair of snickers and a comfy hoodie.

It can be beauty products, sunglasses or your own pillow.

Just keep a standard checklist on hand with all of these things. I personally use the Reminders app from my iPhone: I have an individual list of the things I have to take with me.

A good tip is to add the things that you usually keep forgetting. Like socks or phone charger in my case.

What are your favourite tips that make packing for travelling easier, do you use any of the above? Let me know in the comments below! 

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