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easy mint lemonade recipe

The Perfect Mint Lemonade Recipe for Summer Time

They say there is no such thing as perfection. But during hot summer days, there is. And my Mum ‘invented’ it; it’s called the best mint lemonade recipe ever!

We (me and my Mum) did not use to be huge lemonade drinkers a few years back (until we realised we can put fresh mint into it). I mean… it’s easier to drink a nice, cold glass of water straight away because it is so hot and you don’t want to ‘waste’ any energy (or sweat) on preparing a drink. But why not pamper yourself (and your loved ones) from time to time with some extra vitamins and flavour by serving them the best mint lemonade you can make?

Pinkie promise it’s not difficult and all you need are lemons and some water. And the mint, of course. Oh, and the honey. You can still count the ingredients using your fingers, so it counts as an “easy recipe”.

how to make mint lemonade

For the perfect mint lemonade recipe, you will need:

  • a few lemons – I went for 3 medium ones – (depending on how sour you’d like your drink to be) I would recommend to not let yourself carried away, the lemon flavour should be subtle, that’s what makes lemonade so refreshing. Aren’t extra sour things making you sweat? (it’s just me?!)
  • honey
  • fresh mint leaves
  • about 1.5 l of cold water

You can find fresh mint pretty much in every market or store, but there’s no better feeling than taking fresh mint from your own garden (or your parent’s…).

fresh green mint

My Mum and I developed a ‘technique’ for making lemonade. Water goes last. *wink*

Start by cutting the lemons in halves and squeeze them in a large carafe. Use whatever you want: your hands, a fork or some other fancy tools like this one here. As long as you don’t add the seeds you’re all good.

fresh cut lemon

Add a few tablespoons of honey to the lemon juice. 2 to 3 are usually enough to me. But if you serve this to kids, for example, you might want to add an extra one.

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Roughly chop the mint leaves (after you’ve washed them) and add it to the lemon/honey ‘mixture’. With a long wooden spoon, start mixing everything up making sure you give the mint leaves a squeeze every now and then. This ‘technique’ will help the honey dissolve faster and all that minty, fresh flavour come out.

Now it’s time to add the cold water.

mint lemonade recipe pouring water

Taste it to see if it’s sour or sweet enough. Add some extra lemon slices for an extra fancy look and a stronger lemon flavour.

Some extra tips:

  • try adding mint syrup instead of honey. You won’t regret it;
  • add some lime juice as well – goes unbelievably well with the mint;
  • if you have to deal with picky kids, add some orange juice;
  • don’t be afraid to add some extra fruits or juices as well (honeydew is amazing).

easy mint lemonade recipe

I know that this recipe is insanely easy, but there are people that are struggling to find the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness in a good lemonade. And I was one of them.

mint lemonade

Preferably to be served cold with your loved ones during a relaxed summer afternoon.

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  • Bianca K. Vaccarini

    Not enough people make their own lemonade anymore! It’s tastes soo much better than the powder or frozen kind. That gif makes my mouth water.

    • Haha, glad you like the gif, Bianca! I agree that drinking lemonade it’s so mainstream now that almost everyone buys it. But when your not in a rush and spending quality time with your loved ones is quite therapeutic. :)

  • Ashley Battle

    This sounds so amazing I need to try this!

  • This looks so tasty! And it’s so easy to do. This would perfect for a nice Sunday lunch/brunch. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sophie Elisabeth

    This looks lovely and so easy. The imagery is beautiful too. I never drink lemonade, as the shop-bough stuff is horrible. Will give this a go this summer!

    • Glad you like the photos, Sophie! Let me know if you give it a try!

  • Meg Miller

    Oh my yes! Throw some hand-picked blueberries in there and this would be perfect!

  • Ophalyn Lee

    Its crazy how you make this post so good 😊 now I’m craving for one! Hahaha

    • Haha, thank you…? Hope you get the chance to try the recipe, Ophalyn!

  • OMG. Love the idea of adding honeydew to the mix.

    • You should try it, I promise that you won’t regret it, Leslie!

  • This sounds incredible! I’d never thought of adding mint to lemonade. It sounds so refreshing, I can’t wait to try this on a warm summer’s day!

  • Gillian Kent

    This sounds lovely an refreshing. Those mint bundles for the store are often a lot larger than what you need for a recipe and this is a great way to use the rest. Yum!

  • This sounds amazing! Perfect for a hot day and an easy recipe to try with little ones. My 3 year old LOVES “lemon juice” (lemonade), so she’ll probably like this twist on what she’s used to. :)

    • It’s a easy and fun recipe for kids indeed. My little cousins love making lemonade!

  • Silvija Rimkiene

    Loved your pictures, definitely will make this on a hot day!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    This seems perfect for a hot summer day!

  • Dia

    I love mint and lemonade but never thought of putting them together. This is an interesting combo I bet when it’s really cold it’s amazing.

  • Christina

    This recipe looks so yummy! It’s perfect for the summer but also something I’d probably still make year round. I love adding the mint!