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5 Ways to be a Productive Blogger from Home

Blogging from home can be tough. There are so many distractions. Kids. Cleaning. Laundry. Cooking. Pets. You name it – it can be a distraction. If working from home is so distracting why not get out of the house? Well, sometimes leaving the house is not an option. Today I am going to give five ways to help you be a productive blogger from home.

productive blogger from home


First thing you should do is to clean that desk! A clean work environment is key to being productive from home. Don’t believe me? Do an experiment. Work a week with a messy desk and a week with a clean desk and see which week you are more productive.


Establishing a routine is an excellent way to stay on task and boost your productivity. Within the past two months I moved my wake up time up by an hour. Just by adding one hour of uninterrupted work time to my schedule I have almost doubled my productivity. My daughter is still sleeping and my husband has left for work. So it is just me and the computer. And of course a cup of coffee! The second time during that day that is quiet in my house is nap time. I use that time to accomplish blog related tasks that require a quiet environment.


Turn off the television, podcasts, and/or music. By taking away attention grabbing sources you have now set yourself up for success. Blogging from home is difficult enough. Make it easier on yourself by setting up an environment that works in your favor.


I have had a number of adults tell me that structure is not for them or they are bad at creating structure. Here’s the deal, to be a successful blogger from home you need structure. Having a schedule helps keep you on task. As an artist I understand the need to be “free” to create and that’s ok. If you are someone who needs that time, build the “create” time into your schedule. Another item to schedule are your blog posts. Take out your calendar and plan your posts a week, a month, or even six months ahead of time. I have the following month’s posts written down well before the current month concludes. This helps me plan my writing time appropriately.


Treat yo self! Taking a break or two throughout the day will clear your mind. It also puts you in a good place mentally to continue your work.

The key is to set yourself up for success. Give these tips a try and see what happens.

Happy blogging!

This quick & easy tips of how to be a productive blogger from home were brought to you by Elizabeth, from Love Doing Life blog. Elizabeth is a lover of life and enjoys learning new things us much as possible, just as I do. You can contact her at elizabethann@lovedoinglife.com to chat more, or on her social media channels on facebook, twitter or instagram.

Also, I’ve guest posted and article on her blog about bloggers’ worst fears about analytics explained and sorted, so make sure you check it out! Huge thanks to Elizabeth for approaching me for this collab!

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