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Snapchat Is Amazing! And Here’s Why

For those who maybe don’t know what Snapchat does:  it’s an mobile app where you can post videos & photos to a stream that is deleted after 24 hours.

Snapchat app gained a lot of popularity and people are literally going crazy about it. It took me a lot of time to figure it out (how it works and what its purpose is), but I started to enjoy it quite a lot and decided to share some of my reasons with you!

Snapchat Is Amazing! And Here’s Why!


1. Funny filters

There are a lot of weird, creative and fun filters to play with over snapchat. It’s funny to play around with them with your friends.

2. It makes you look better

This was also Instagram’s huge advantage – at the beginning, people were going nuts over Insta’s filters. But I’m expecting things will go down over this app as well quite soon.

3. Everything goes away in 24 h

You can be as ugly or stupid as you want, because people won’t be able to see it again. Even if I truly believe that once you post something on the Internet, will never disappear, Snapchat makes it a little harder to find it again. Unless someone takes a screen capture.

4. Fast news

There are lots of publications that use Snapchat. It’s very easy and fast to keep yourself updated with what happened around the world and entertain yourself.

5. Feed your wanderlust addiction

Even thought it’s on the bottom of the list, this is my top reason why I love Snapchat.

Snapchat features snaps from random people into featured stories based on a certain subject. It really makes your wanderlust senses tingle. During the 2016 UEFA European Championship there were featured stories based on each match where you could see how people around Europe were living the event. It’s really amazing to connect with people around the world.

6. Bringing friends closer

I got in touch with old friends from Egypt and Pakistan, for example, due to the app, because I was watching their stories and we managed to catch up.

Do you use Snapchat? What are your top reasons of loving this app?

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