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The Coolest Student Organisations to Join During Your Student Life

Going to University is an exciting and scary chapter in each and every one of us development. For some of us means leaving home behind and moving to a new country or city, while for others is chasing the career of their dreams.

No matter how you feel about going to University, I have to say that to me, it was the best part of the educational system. I never liked school, but University was the time when I realised what career path I want to follow, made friends for a lifetime and made one of the most precious memories so far.

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It was such a beautiful period of my life not because of the University’s curriculum – hell no! – but because of the organisations I joined the all the volunteering I did. 

If you’re a freshman at Uni, or in your second year, consider joining one of these student organisations to enhance your student life to its fullest.

students organisations aiesec
My old AIESEC hoodie


Well… of course I’ll start with AIESEC. I was a member, so it’s only fair I would say.

The organisation focuses on developing leadership skills among youth through cross-cultural experiences. AIESEC facilitates international internships or volunteering experiences for international students. In other words, you can travel to another country to volunteer or be an intern in a company. You don’t have to be a member to have access to these opportunities, you only have to be a student.

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An AIESECer has different responsibilities. They organise different events and projectsamongand members have the opportunity to join as a marketing, sales, finance specialist and so on. You learn from older members and is a great learning experience. 

It’s a great opportunity to discover what career path excites you and you get to better understand how a company works, since the organisations have a very similar structure and uses business tools. 

Source: aiesec.org


Location: worldwide, across 127 countries 

Cause: leadership, cross-cultural experiences   

Best suited for: international students, economy, marketing, IT students, or students who plan to work in an international company or have their own business

Website: www.aiesec.org


BEST is he abbreviation for Board of European Students of Technology. 

The overall feel and structure of the organisation is quite similar to AIESEC, but it focuses more on students who study IT, engineering and other related fields to technology. BEST tries to help students of technology more internationally minded and tries to integrate them on the work force through internship and partnerships with different companies.

The organisation is pretty much structured as a company – with departments and VPs. So it’s a great way to boost your career from early stages.

Source: best.eu.org


Location: Europe, in 34 countries

Cause: professional and personal development

Best suited for: international students who study technology or related fields

Website: www.best.eu.org


No, it’s not the pretty blonde from Frozen, don’t panic. It’s actually another abbreviation which stands for The European Law Students’ Association.

As you guessed it, this is an organisation exclusive for law students across Europe. It is run by law students and it provides professional development in the field of law.

ELSA organises international exchange opportunities for their members in order to help them develop their foreign legal system knowledge, form friendships and connections ac across the field.

It has a matrix organisational structure, where members can become presidents or VPs of certain departments, in order to develop their soft skills too.

Source: elsa.org


Location: Europe

Cause: personal and professional development

Best suited for: law students

Website: www.elsa.org

The Red Cross

Probably everybody heard of The Red Cross. Originally founded in Europe, this NGO spread worldwide and is famous for its humanitarian work.

You can become one of the 17 million volunteers or you can become a member. 

It is not as career focused as the previous NGOs I mentioned, but it’s a very good way of putting your time to good use and interact with different people. As a member, I got my first aid certificate which is worldwide accepted. 

Source: icrc.org

The Red Cross

Location: worldwide

Cause: humanitarian

Best suited for: all types of students, especially those who study social science or medicine

Website:  www.icrc.org

I personally had the chance to volunteer or interact with all of these organisations and I’m telling you they can bring a tremendous impact in your development as an young adult.

How to find them

Since most of the organisations mentioned here are student-focused, you will find an office in big University centers. Usually their offices are located within a faculty.

So, if the city you’re going to study has quite a big university, chances are you will find almost all of these organisation. Do a simple Google search of the organisation and the city you’re about to move and see what you get. You can always check out their website, since all have their locations listed in a way or another.

Last, but not least, you can check if you can found a local office within the University or city you’re studying and be the founder of a new office of your favourite student organisation.

woman writing at laptop

How to join

Almost all of these organisations will require you to be a decent English speaker. If you don’t speak English at all, it will be impossible for you to learn and make the most of your experience. Don’t be afraid to practice your English. I developed my speaking skill a lot as an AIESEC member.

Since we are talking about NGOs that get in contact with companies, international institutions and so on, a selection process will be in place to select members. It can be an interview, a letter of intent, an application form or a mix of these. They have to make sure that they select the right members that fit the organisation’s vision and mindset.

Have you joined any of these NGOs or have you considered volunteering while studying? Let me know in the comments below!

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