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Subway’s hidden prices

A few weeks ago I was walking around the food court and because I am always hungry while I passed by Subway I saw the new chicken Buffalo sandwich. You know that walking around the food court and being a foodie is basically torture because no matter how much you have eaten, you still must taste the other food around.

So I decided to go with Subway’s chicken Buffalo. I don’t buy from Subway pretty often so I don’t know their ordering steps by heart, so I followed the lists that they have all around the restaurant.


I followed the steps and when I got to the cash point the price was extra 2 euros than the price that was listed on their advertisement panel. I got pretty annoyed and I asked why it is more expensive than they said it will.

The flat bread is extra 2 euros.


That was the answer that I got. I got back to search for the price list of the bread, but there wasn’t any. Usually fast-foods have a pricing list written with small fonts, it’s true, but at least they exist! Not to mention that there was no mention that the price displayed was for a certain type of bread or so.



Subway has hidden prices for its sandwich ingredients

I think that was my third and last time when I bought from Subway. I can’t believe they hide their prices with no shame. And that explains why the Subway restaurant is almost empty all the time.

Be really careful when you go to Subway and you want to buy a sandwich; you might have a huge surprise at the check point.

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