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Why a tablet is a must when you are a blogger? | tips for blogging

… or a notepad to write down your ideas, but a tablet is more efficient.

If you like to keep up with your fellow bloggers or to constantly update your blog, then having a tablet is a lifesaver. A smartphone can work as well, but for me a smartphone is not enough because I can’t blog and use it as a phone all day long because the baterry will die before I get to hit the Publish button. I love to get tips for blogging and here are some of my tips:

Source: gizmag.com

Source: gizmag.com

With some good apps, a tablet and wi-fi connection, of course, you can rock your blog. How so? Well it’s simple. Maybe you are not comfortable to write your articles from everywhere, but you can read an comment on other blogs while you are commuting from home to work or school (if you are driving, don’t to this).

Tips for blogging: use apps

If I mentioned the “some good apps” above, let’s see what you should download before you start carrying your tablet everywhere you go. You can always choose what apps best fits your needs.

WordPress and Blogger
Source: worldit.info

Source: worldit.info

It is a well know war between WordPress and Blogger ever since the human kind have met the blogging concept. These 2 platforms can host your blog, or they can provide you the support for your blog. You can have your blog self hosted (like this blog) or hosted by the platforms (with wordpress.com or blogspor.com extension). I have used Blogger too, but I switched to WordPress because… I simply like it; it’s more profesional and you have lots of features available. But Blogger works just fine too. Both platforms have apps for Android (here & here) and for iOS (here & here). A major strong point of Blogspot is that is a platform provided by Google and you have all the Google featurea sync and featured there.

Source: imgkid.com

Source: imgkid.com

Pocket is not just an app for bloggers. It can be used by anyone because the app stores your favourite links. You can add tags when you are saving a link to pocket, so that you will find it fast when you want to read it. For example I have tags with blogging tips, or ideas to blog. Another cool thing about Pocket is that it opens the articles in the app – it does not require to open the articles in your browser, you can choose to view the original article although.


Source: bufferapp.com

Buffer is basically the rival of Hoot Suite. I have HS, so I had to find alternatives. Buffer allows you to post or schaduale posts of different social media accounts. I started to use it because Google+ does not provide the schaduale option yet. Is easy to use Buffer from any device and you keep your followers uptated any time, anywhere.

Start bloggin’

So now you have the apps and everything you need to know about them. Start blogging! Read your favourive bloggers and comment while you go to school and schaduale the posts for social media that you forgot the previous day before. If I get an idea I write it down quickly in the notes app and when I get to the office or University, I turn my wi-fi on an I start writing about it.  It is true that the WordPress app does not offer you so many editing features. But I put the content there and when I get to a laptop I update the article with links and photos and I hit Publish and that’s it. Happy posting! 😀

What tips for blogging more efficiently do you have?

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