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lunch from home reasons meal prep

Why You Should Take Your Lunch from Home

I always like to have lunch from home. If only I wouldn’t be so lazy…

There something very comforting about homemade cooked food. I loved when I had sandwiches made by Mum for lunch/snack at school. I still adore when I get home and we have a family feast.

As I usually like to brag about it around here: I’m a foodie. And not any type of foodie: a really bad one. I also enjoy cooking and baking almost as much as I enjoy eating. Shocking – I know.

lunch from home reasons meal prep

You might still be in school, have a ‘grown-up 9-to-5 job’ or you could be both (+ kids).

Staying healthy is one of our top priorities, no matter where you’re from or who you are. A healthy, balanced diet can keep many doctors away; in other words: don’t eat trash and you’ll be healthy for longer.

So this foodie’s mission today is to make you seriously consider taking your lunch from home as much as possible.

But before we begin, let’s agree that is nothing wrong to order or eat in town from here and now. Restaurant food is not (all) bad. So don’t despair.

It’s healthier

Ladies and gentlemen… a huge applause for this super obvious tip! Thank you… thank you!

We all know we should eat more veggies and fruits. They nurture our bodies and keeps them healthy. So you’ll add all the healthy fruits and veggies you enjoy eating. Broccoli would be my go-to veggie (yes, I really like broccoli, a lot actually).

lunch from home

It’s just like you want it

When you are a foodie, cravings are the best and the worst that could happen to you. It’s the worst because it can actually be painful and it turns you into a monster, and it’s amazing because it offers endless inspiration and motivation to cook.

I have certain recipes that I want to taste in a very specific way. For example, I always add some (and by some I mean a lot more) extra parmegiano-reggiano because I’m that obsessed with it.

You can’t really do that at a restaurant without a cringe from the waiter and extra cash to the bill. Just sayin’…

It’s cheaper

Ok… we are all starving-for-money grown ups here.

It might not be cheaper in terms of time and energy, but if you have some quick and easy recipes on hand, that you know won’t fail, then it’s perfect!

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I know that cooking is not they way you want to spend your evenings. But you don’t have to cook everyday and you can have a meal a week in town.

meal prep flat lay

You skip the queue

This is one of my favourites.

We have a cafeteria at the office and although the food is quite cheap, is not that great and the queue at lunch-time is killing me.

So having my lunch from home it’s my golden ticket to skip the queue to get food and pay for it. Ding, ding, ding – jackpot!

You reduce food waste

I won’t start the whole ‘kids are starving in Africa’ thing because honestly… people are starving all over the world.

We waste around 88 tons of food annually in the E.U. which equals around 143 million Euros. Just think how that wasted money could be used for greater good!

Taking your lunch from home means you get to have all the ingredients you like, add the perfect amount of food you can eat and no unexpected allergies will appear. Not to mention that you can make some pretty good things with leftovers.

Do you take your lunch from home or make it for your kids? Let me know in the comments section below!

There will come some more handy articles about meal prep and yummy, yet ridiculously easy recipes.

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