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The UNTOLD festival madness

You’ve most probably heard of UNTOLD festival which took place this summer in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. For those who aren’t hipsters enough, here’s the link to their website: www.untoldfestival.com. To easy your pain, UNTOLD is an electronic music festival.

This summer almost 250,000 people attended the 4-day event and for the 2016 edition over 300,000 already pre-registered, according to PROTV. I pre-registered, of course. And I was very chill that my ticket is safe and sound because I got my unique code to buy one. But here’s the madness: on the 23rd of October, 6 pm, when the tickets were available online they were out in seconds! 10,000 tickets were out in less that ONE HOUR! 10,000 in less than 60 minutes… this is crazy! And yes… I didn’t got to buy my ticket.

It’s amazing how an event with only one pilot edition can create so much chaos. Cheers to the crazy team who managed to do this! I’m kinda frustrated that I couldn’t get a ticket, but I am really proud that a bunch of Romanian guys managed to create such an amazing event.

Because of this madness, UNTOLD is nominated on 2 categories (Best Major Festival & Best New Festival) at the European Festival Awards. So, if you’ve attended the festival, or you’re going to… or if you’re just frustrated that you didn’t had enough money for the first edition and you couldn’t get a ticket during pre-sale now, you can vote for UNTOLD here.

And if I’ve made you curious about how this event looks like, take a look down below…

Don’t forget to VOTE for UNTOLD festival at European Festival Awards!

Are to planning to attend the 2016 edition? If yes, start saving some money and put your Iron Suit on, because there are over 200,000 people pre-registered who still want their early-bird ticker – including myself. 🙂 See you there!

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