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Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Student

School just started for pretty much everyone and I have to admit, I’m happy I’m not going back. I ended my business with the educational system quite recently and I kept asking myself what I’ve actually learnt out of five years spent at University.

Also, the beginning of September is the perfect time of the year to reflect on those back to school memories. So here’s what I wish I knew before becoming a student.

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But before we start, I’d like to say that all these things I wish I knew, might not be applicable for everyone. I started studying economy and I ended up graduating in marketing. Quite a ride. I hope you’ll find some inspiration in this article.

It does not dictate your career

I went to University with the goal of becoming an economist or accountant and now I’m a digital marketer. 

The major you chose does not have to dictate your future career. Things chance and as long as I know you like a certain subject and develop skills accordingly, you shouldn’t worry. People change careers everyday.

Your career already started

Maybe not from a strictly professional point of view, but it has started.

All the company visits, internships, parties and organisations you join will help you meet different people. This can help you create and develop a network of connections, form your work ethics and improve your soft skills.

Professors recommend students for different grants offered by companies, for internships and other opportunities. So you’re shaping your career from now, in a way of another.

It’s the best period of your life

This might not be true for everyone, but to me, the years spent at Uni were among the best of my life. 

I studied economy and marketing, so it was not as demanding as… let’s say medicine or law.  I travelled around the country, attended national and international conferences for students and made some of my dearest friends.

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I managed to realise which career path I want to follow while making memories for a lifetime. So, yes, so far, it was the best period of my life.

Join an international student organisation

I personally joined AIESEC because I saw someone older how much fun was having and how many cool things she was doing. So when I was a fresher, I joined the organisations and it was the best decision I made, as I student.

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University courses and life is boring. I learnt much much as a member of a international organisation, made friends and helped me realise I like marketing more than economy or any other subject.

Your diploma is just a piece of paper

You’ve probably heard this before way too many times. 

Unfortunately, it is true. That piece of paper might help you get your first couple of jobs, but after that it will be useless. Landing a job might be more challenging without a diploma, but it’s not impossible.

This excludes the situation when you want to be a doctor, for example. That diploma is needed for sure.

Knowledge is not why you’re in Uni

Nowadays knowledge is everywhere and the information travels fast. Way faster that in a Uni course.

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You can have easy access to knowledge online and from books. And it does not take a lot of time to find it. Universities don’t held that ‘power’ anymore, so you’re not there for knowledge.

As I previously mentioned, use this period of time to make friends, connections, start building your career and discover yourself: your values, your passions.

Decide on the right major

I was lucky enough to realise what I love before it was too late. Knowing which major you want to follow, when you are still a teenager is difficult and tricky.

I wish I had someone to guide me, help me realise what I like and how could I turn it into a career. 

how to get over stress

If you’re still in college and reading this, try to seek an experts help for this. Having a career you don’t like will drain you and it’s something I don’t wish to anyone.

Learn the basic skills

I never liked ironing, thus I’m terrible at it. 

If you move away from your parents during University, you will realise how many basic skills you lack. I don’t know how to decently sew a button or how to iron a shirt (it’s tricky), for example.

I thought I was pretty good at household activities until I had to chop multiple onions in a row and cried my ass out. I really hate onions, which is why I don’t chop them anymore – it’s called splitting duties. Also, guarding sneaky black socks going into a pile of white clothes is more difficult than you ever imagined. All those “how-hard-can-it-be” things will turn out to be more challenging than you expected.

What things you would have wanted to know before becoming a student?

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