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lazy weekends

8 Things to Do on Lazy Weekends

We all have been through those lazy weekends when you’re not in the mood to do anything, just let the time pass and enjoy it. Or maybe one of those lazy weekends when you are so lazy that you get bored with everything in a second.

lazy weekends

Things to Do on Lazy Weekends

1. Sleep in

There is nothing better than being able to sleep in. Sometimes I like to let my alarm set to wake me up at 7 a.m. just to turn it of and roll on the other side of the bed. It feels SO good. You should try it!

2.Β Breakfast in bed

Don’t let your sleepy mood run away and have breakfast in bed. You have all the time to prepare a fancy breakfast and enjoy it in the bed, while watching cartoons. Am I the only one who still enjoys watching good, old cartoons like Tom & Jerry or Scooby Doo?

3. Pamper yourself

Because you deserve it. Your mind, body, and spirit deserve it. A bubbly bath will always be refreshing. Here are 7 steps to the perfect pampering evening, just in case you’re not sure how to do it.

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4. Read

I love reading. And I would love to spend hours lost reading a really good book. You can still be in bed, with a nice cup of tea, enjoying a really good book. Also falling asleep while reading a book is both amazing and frustrating at the same time.

5. Watch TV

If you are not a book worm like me, then you can catch up with all your TV series that aired that week. Sometimes I don’t want to wait until the weekend to watch my favourite TV shows, because I will get lots of spoilers by the end of the week. I get to see Game of Thrones on a Monday morning and I can’t wait until Friday to watch it – because there are spoilers literally everywhere; do you get me now?

6. Play

I kinda love playing board & video games. I will admit that video games do get sort of addictive, but I feel great while I ‘waste’ my time to play video games. Board games on the other hand, require a partner and strategies. I love board games a lot, but sometimes I’m just to lazy to play them, so I turn to video games. πŸ˜€ Don’t judge me!

7. Go shopping

I know that it might not sound financially wise, but it is therapeutic. Don’t leave with the straight idea that you have to buy something (like a new pair of shoes or a coat). I usually get very tired when I go shopping because IΒ have to find something. So just go and walk around the shops and if you find something that fits and that youΒ actually need then why not buying it?! You can also try an online shopping round – just to check what’s new on the market.

8. Plan

Planning your next week in terms of work or personal life might not be for everyone. But somehow I feel better when I plan my next week – not something super detailed, just big lines. The fact that I enjoy planning (because I’m a perfectionist) does not have to be an enjoyable activity for you as well.

What I like about planning on lazy weekends is that I am relaxed enough to make stress free decisions. I will also start the next week more relaxed because I know what I have to do that week and I won’t freak out because I’m out of time to do my job and tasks.

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