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10 Things You Have to Pack for Your Summer Getaway

I’m gonna skip the obvious items such as toothbrush and shampoo. You are all grown up, you don’t forget about these things. BUT you might forget to get these items so here are 10 things you have to pack for your summer getaway.

summer getaway

1. Beach bag

I can’t count how many times I forgot to take mine. And because I usually forget to take it, I have to buy a cheap one from somewhere else. This is how I ended up with having way to many beach bags. So be sure that you don’t forget yours. Not to mention that is huge and you can put everything in one place (plus his purse, phone & sunglasses :) ).

2. Sunglasses and sunscreen

While I usually don’t forget about sunscreen, because I’m obsessed with it, I usually end up having no sunglasses with me because I leave in a rush and nobody cares about the freaking sunglasses until they get out in the sun. Not to mention how much they protect your eyes and your skin to be wrinkles free.

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3. The straw hat

It’s the most epic symbol of summer. It is chic, light and most important it keeps the UV light away.

4. The boho clothes

Even if you’re talking about the tent dress or a boho blouse, they are a must. They will make you fell fresh and chic. Oh, and they are light for packing as well.

summer getaway

5. The camera

Sunsets and sunrises at the sea side are amazing. Capture these moments with your a-lot-of-pixels camera instead of your iPhone – it will so much worth it when you will see them on a computer.

6. The denim shorts

Do I have to say more?

7. A touch of sparkle 

And I mean accessories. Simple and minimalist, or big, they will add a nice touch to your tanned skin. Tip: try gold accents to emphasis your tan.

summer getaway

8. That good book

Because nothing compares to a morning spent on the beach, drinking cocktails and enjoying a good book.

9. A touch of make-up

Even though I’m not a fan of wearing make-up to the sea side, on a night out some mascara and a red lipstick might do wonders.

10. Flip flops

Because nothing says summer than flip flops.

What other things do you include in your luggage for you summer getaway? Let me know in the comments and please share this article with your friends to find out their opinions as well.

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