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7 Things to Do in the Morning That Will Make Your Evening Easier

Working on a 9-to-5 schedule and trying to also have a life for yourself can be tough.  When you just think about things to do in the morning, I bet a headache strikes. I know that a lot of people are not morning persons (including me, in a way) but there are some things that, done in the morning, will make your evenings sooo much calming.

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Needless to mention that if your mornings are pure chaos and you’re always in a rush, you’ll have to change that by waking up a little earlier than usual. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always get a headache when I over sleep and leave in a hurry. Is it just me?

Things to Do in the Morning That Will Make Your Evening Easier

I discovered that early mornings are really nice and productive. I have to come home, after a long day, and find the sink full of dishes. Don’t you? Throughout time I noticed that little things I was doing in the morning were making my evenings easier. I got time to do more things or none – just chillin’.

things to do in the morning

1. Make your bed

This is something my Mum always told me to do as a child, but I never bothered. Now that I’m a little older, I understand why. An undone bad creates a messy looking room. Have you ever noticed how everything looks cleaner when the bed is done?

In this way you won’t have to return to a messy bedroom after a crazy day.

2. Open the window

Letting some fresh air into the house will not only help you feel more awake, but it will also change the atmosphere. Even if the windows will be closed for most of the day, the rooms will still smell a little better.

3. Wash the dishes

This is my favourite hack. I simply hate to come home to a sink full of dishes. Washing your breakfast dishes will keep the sink (almost) empty all the time and evenings won’t be spent doing dishes anymore. Another trick would be to also wash the dishes before you go to bed.

4. Quick cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen countertops or the bathroom sink using maybe some wet wipes can sound a little too much for the mornings. But it will give that neat look that you’ll want to come home to. Clean them if they are dirty or if you feel like they could need a quick wipe.

5. Throw the garbage

Probably you already do that. But I wasn’t and since I recently discovered this, I thought I should mention it.

6. Tiny things

Before I leave, I take a couple of minutes to throw things like receipts, snacks packaging or any other tiny things that were left randomly around the house the night before.

7. Leave a treat

With all the extra effort you’ve put so far, you deserve a treat. Let a small treat in the kitchen that will welcome you when you come home. Here are some of my favourite ideas:

  • a mug and a tea bag to remind me to enjoy a nice mug of my favourite tea;
  • some fruits;
  • a note that I left something yummy in the fridge (cakes, smoothies, etc);
  • a carafe of infused water (preferably with raspberry for me).

Why doing all of these?

Come on. It is SO nice to come home to a neat and clean house. You’re coming from work to more work at home. It shouldn’t be this way. Try doing these small things in the morning and let the evening be nice, peaceful and relaxing.

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