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tips and tricks for packing

Tips & tricks for packing while tavelling: Clothes

On a previous article, we talked about how to pack basic things and toiletry. Just a quick reminder: if you have problems with your containers and you fear that they might spill, just wrap them in a tiny plastic bag or put some plastic wrap around their neck, just like in this picture.

Now let’s get to our second part of tips and tricks for packing while travelling.

Source: tumblr.com

Source: tumblr.com

Let’s talk about over-everything

Let’s talk about over thinking and over packing.

You are over packing, over carrying and you are overwhelmed because you over think.

Stop over thinking! It won’t help! You start by packing the things that you know for sure you are going to use. And here starts the over thinking: “What if something happens and I will need this? I better put this too. And this… and that…” and so on until you will have no more space. If you still have space in your luggage it is perfectly fine. You do not have to fill in that empty space with anything.

How can I avoid over thinking?

Well, is simple. Count. Count the days and the nights that you are going to be away. Are you going to stay 4 days and 3 nights? Good. So you will need 4 outfits for the day and maybe 3 for the nights if you plan to go out every night. It is fine to have a back-up plan: what if it is going to rain? You can check the weather for the next days, but an umbrella won’t hurt anyone. Don’t pack more that you need. It is your trip so you know what you want to do and what kind of clothes you will need.

How to pack?

This is an endless problem. How can I pack my clothes without getting wrinkles or how can I make everything fit in my carry-on? To repair wrinkles, ladies you can use a hairdryer. I tested the method and it works; here is a video about this method.

Military style inspired packing can also do wonders. If you roll tight enough, your t-shirts and jeans will pack easy and wrinkle-free. Because I know how important is to us to be alway fabulous, ladies… the video above is for you.


It is your choise what kind of carry-on you will use. I like wheeled carry-ons because they are easy to carry and to pack. And if you are travelling by plane, they can be life savers. It is up to you and your needs what type of carry-on you want to use.

That was from me about packing while travelling. What about your tips and tricks for packing? Happy travelling!

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