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tips and tricks for packing

Tips and Tricks for Packing While Travelling: Toiletries and The Basics

Love travelling? But you hate packing your things for your trip? Don’t worry, we all do.

As I am getting ready to leave for yet another AIESEC conference, I thought that it’s about time to talk about packing stuff efficiently. I decided to split the subject in two parts:

  • tips and tricks for packing the basic things that we all need (but more for ladies);
  • tips and tricks for packing the rest of your luggage and how not to overwhelm your baggage;

We all know that  it is annoying and exhausting to pack for a trip and it can end up being a complete waste of time if you don’t do it right. Let’s see what you could do to stop this!

Tips and tricks for packing basic things

Aaand… we will start to talk about toiletry. Why? Because I’m a girl and I know how hard it is to choose which of your useful and favourite products will be lucky enough to travel with you and how annoying is to discover that you overpacked and you actually had space for something else that was more useful.

tips and trick for packing your toiletry Image source: pinterest / Editind: janded

tips and trick for packing your toiletry
Image source: pinterest / Editing: janded

There is some basic stuff that we all need to take with us: toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, deodorant. And we can add hydration cream (hydration is very important for guys too:)), soap, cosmetics and so on. The thing is that you can find most of them in your welcome package when you check-in: most of the hotels offer you tiny envelopes of shampoo and shower gel, but you never know and to have to be ready for everything.

My biggest problem was that the containers were extra – large and they needed lots of space for storage and I didn’t need the whole amount for a trip. So my solution to this problem was of course smaller containers. If you are lucky enough to find your favourite products also available for traveling size, then your life just got easier; if not, recycle some of your old containers or buy some from a drugstore – they are usually cheap.

Another thing that you can do to save you some time, is to have a toiletry bag always ready to go. Put your tiny products that you know you always need in the toiletry bag and when you are packing just check to see if you need to add something else. This tip is useful if you travel pretty often, like I do with AIESEC conferences.

Also don’t forget to include tampons, condoms or pills if you know that you could need them. I usually don’t carry these things because I always forget to pack them and I know that there will be someone else around me that will have a stash of pills, for example.

So now you have the basic things for a healthy morning routine. Let’s talk about the other things that you should pack first.

Packing can be annoying and exhausting if you don't kow how to do it efficiently. Image souece: Pinterest.com

Packing can be annoying and exhausting if you don’t know how to do it efficiently.
Image source: Pinterest.com

After you have your healthcare products packed and ready to go, you have to put other basic items in your luggage: socks, underwear, bras, pajamas or towels. I know that hotels provide you towels, but I said earlier, you never know and is better to be ready for everything. I had the surprise to see that we don’t have towels or just simply I didn’t like their towels; my towels are always better. You know that you need these; they are small, basic and mandatory. So they are the first things that have to be packed. It all depends on your needs and habits of course: if you sleep naked, then there will be no need for pajamas, for example.

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So, let’s wrap-up:

  • put your healthcare products in small containers to avoid wasting them and to get more space for packing other items;
  • have a toiletry bag with the products that you know you always need ready to go anytime;
  • start packing with the elementary items such as underwear, socks, and towels first.

These were the tips and tricks for packing more efficiently that I had for today. Stay tuned for the other part, when we will talk about how not to overpack, how to get everything that you want inside and lots of other tips.

Happy packing!

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