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trick yourself into working out flat tray

5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Working Out

I bet that one of your new year’s resolution was to start working out, or do it more often. I am a lazy girl when it comes to taking care of my self in terms of beauty. And also I am quite skinny, although I eat a lot, so there is no urge in working out for me.

Usually people work out because they want to loose weight. Some work out because they want to stay fit. Whatever the reasons are, working out isΒ definitely healthy. Β But if you are a lazy person that acknowledges the benefits of working out, like me you have to trick yourself into working out. I know that it might sound… tricky πŸ™‚ but you have to find something that works.

5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Working Out

trick yourself into working out flat tray

There is a very important thing that you have to understand about working out:Β it does not have to happen daily!Β If you set a goal of working out daily you will fail achieving it, because you are not used to it and the pain will make you stop. With all these being said…

1. Reward yourself

I started very light. I’m doing some light warming up exercises in the morning for about 10 minutes or so. It helps me wake up and get rid of the sleepy mood. You might not consider this working out, but for me is a big step.

I decided to give myself a small reward after every morning warming up session I do: a fancy breakfast. And by fancy I mean real food with veggies, full cutlery and cute napkins. I know that it does not sound like a lot, but it really relaxes me and rewards me.

Don’t reward yourself with expensive things or unhealthy food. Maybe add an extra tablespoon of honey to that spinach smoothie for some extra sweetness.

2. Forbid yourself to work out

Revers psychology. But don’t abuse it. Forbid yourself to workout on certain days of the week. Maybe it the reverse psychology will work. It will also give you a break an you won’t be so stressed that you have to do it daily. Also a couple of days break will allow your muscles to get back in shape and you won’t be demotivated to work out because of the pain.

3. Painful consequences

Beside the soreness which obviously is painful, set some “punishments” if you don’t complete your weekly goal. For example, my goal is to do the warming up routine at least four times a week, if I don’t achieve it, I’m not allowed to eat pizza for the next two weeks. And I’m a huge pizza addict.

4. Have someone else trick you into working out

Things are always better in two. Trick a friend to join your working out routine, keep tracking together and compare the results. It will help you a lot. You will not just have a nice companion, but it will also keep you motivated to go on.

5. Get some inspiration

There are a lot of fitness gurus out there that publish a lot of content about workout clothes, routines, food, and so on. I am quite into working out clothes, dunno why. So I watch some working out hauls on YouTube from some of my favourite YouTubers and it boosts my desire to work out. You can also use whatever works for you: pictures with before and after, perfect beach bodies, colourful smoothies and so on.

At the end on the day, your body will thank you for working out: you’ll sleep better and you will feel better, both physical and mentally. The hardest part of starting working out is actually starting. If you ever started a working out routine, I know what I’m saying.

Have you ever tried to trick yourself into working out?

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