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11 Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolution


I believe that New Year Resolutions and all that “new year, new me” is bullshit, because if you really want to make a positive change in your life, you don’t need the 1st of January as an excuse. But I am aware that new things – as a new year – bring enthusiasm, freshness, hope and other positive feelings, so I think it is good to take advantage of this feeling and do something better. But New Year Resolutions stick for just a couple of weeks. Here are some simple tricks to help you stick to a New Year resolution.

1. Picture yourself sticking to the resolution

This might be difficult because it’s all about autosuggestion. If deep down you don’t believe you will stick to your resolution, then most probably you won’t.

Picture yourself working out and feeling good for doing it, for example.

2. Clean around the house

A major clean up will help. And when I say major, I mean it! Throw everything that you haven’t used for a couple of months. It will give you new space and it will make you feel better, ready to stick to a new year resolution!

_MG_09333. Write down your resolution

It is known the fact that writing things down helps us memorize and picture those things better. Make a list of your resolutions to give you the change to analyze, picture and stick to them.

4. Be honest

Disappointment is one of the biggest enemies of a resolution. We are disappointed that we don’t get the results that we expect and we give up. Before taking the commitment to stick to a resolution, be honest with yourself:

  • are you really going to stick to it?
  • do you have all the resources?
  • are there enough and real benefits if you stick to it?
  • do you believe all this?

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5. Take baby steps

If you know that you are just like me, and a miracle lasts no longer than 3 days, start with baby steps. Don’t set anything big and fancy. Start with very small things like, drink an extra glass of water each day or wake up 30 mins earlier than usual. Once you achieve this small milestone, you can go bigger. It’s important to have a solid base. :)

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6. Reward yourself

And I don’t mean to high five yourself. When you write down your resolutions, set some milestones as well. For example: work out one month without skipping a day, 6 months without junk food and so on. Set some rewards when you reach those milestones, it will encourage and motivate you to stick to the resolution.

Don’t give yourself rewards that will make you give up: if you’ve worked out for an entire month without skipping a day, don’t treat yourself with a week without working out – buy yourself a new pair of trainers instead, it will help you stick to the resolution and award yourself as well. :)

7. Ask a friend for help

BFF required! Not just to help you stick to a new year resolution, but to celebrate with you your achievements. Tell them about your resolution, ask for their opinion and also ask them to be there for you, encourage and celebrate with you. Feeling appreciated for something will give you the confidence that you will need to keep going.

_MG_09508. Don’t become obsessed

Maybe you won’t be able to stick to a new year resolution 100%. That doesn’t mean that you failed and you don’t have to become obsessed with it and to forget about your life. This can lower your self-esteem and it is not healthy and will not help you at all.

Also, don’t share on social media everything about how your resolution is going every single time you get the chance – it’s kinda lame.

9. Do your research

You can also include this in the “picture yourself sticking to the resolution” step as well. Even though some say that you need between 21 to 30 days to form a new habit, a new research reveals that we need more that 2 months (66 days, to be more precise) to form a new habit – and I believe it’s true: the 21-30 days never worked for me.

So do your homework and find out what resources you need, how much it will take, what could be the side effects etc. This will help you to set quite realistic expectations and you will be able to evaluate your progress.

10. Use technology & science

There are so, so many apps out there that can help you keep track on your diet, workout or just motivate you. But if you want to be sure that you aren’t taking any risks, go to the doctor – ask for his advice as well.

11. Last, but not least, have fun!

Don’t forget that life is not all about resolutions, sticking to them and posting your progress on social media. Enjoy and appreciate yourself for deciding to do something better for yourself!

I hope that these simple ideas will help you stick to your new year resolution!

Please let me know if they’ve worked for you or if you have other tricks that help you stick to a new year resolution.

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  • Thanks for these tips! Friends really do help in such things! :)

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    I love these tips! I do resolutions every year and I love doing it! I do fall short though and some are harder to accomplish than others. These will definitely come in handy as I prepare my list for next year!

    • So glad you like & find them useful, Liz!

  • I’m really loving these tips! Life happens and I never follow through with resolutions. But I genuinely love how you have these broken down to make sure you achieve everything!

    • I’m so happy you like them, Lexi! Let me know how your new year’s resolution is going on!

  • I always think using the S.M.A.R.T method is a good way to set realistic goals that you can stick to. I definitely agree you have to be honest with yourself in setting goals. Great post!

    • True, setting SMART objectives is the safest way to go.

      Glad you enjoyed the article, Cara!

  • Terryn Winfield

    Accountability is key! If I don’t share, it isn’t likely to happen. So interesting that research now says 66 days, that makes total sense to me.

  • Having a daily reminder of my goals helps so much! If I see what I want consistently, I will work towards it more than not seeing it. Baby steps are also a big factor into succeeding.

  • These are great ideas! I’m also with Cara about following the SMART method so you can really see your progress!

  • Great tips! Keeping your goals visible is important. I also like to set reminders to review my goals (and my why) each week to keep it fresh and stay focused!

  • Neely

    These are great steps. I agree with the reward yourself and take small steps

  • Love these tips! Taking small steps is huge as well as being honest with yourself! Make sure your goals are attainable and realistic for your lifestyle!

  • Great tips! This is definitely a good way to make sure to keep your goals as your main focus!

  • Great tips! I like to set new year goals vs. resolutions..for me it’s easier to measure reaching goals and easier to stick with!

  • Jennifer Schmidt

    Love these tips! I needed these to help me stick to my resolutions. I have also found that taking your resolutions month by month will help!
    Check out my monthly resolutions

  • Ashley Stephenson

    Thanks for these tips! If I don’t keep track of them or post them on my blog I am for sure going to fail at them!

    • Haha, really? I never make my goals “public”, because if I do, I don’t achieve them.

  • Kristen

    Love these tips! I think keeping them posted where you can see them visually helps too!

  • Being honest is so important! Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew and it’s better to take small steps!

    • So true! We think that we can change a million things just because it’s a new year starting.

  • JeeYoung

    Baby steps and rewards are definitely key for me to stick to my goals for the long term! Great tips and good luck with your goals this year!

    • Thank you! Glad to find out what works for you!

  • Great tips! I definitely agree with keeping your home clean and tidy! It has helped me stay focused on my goals for this year!

  • Kyla Matton Osborne

    Great tips! I think it’s important to keep the 66 days in mind, especially. That sounds more realistic to me than forming a new habit in a month or less.

  • YASSS…cleaning out your house and getting rid of things you don’t use can feel SO amazing. I love that you’ve included this as a tip to help stick to a resolution. It can really help your mindset and make you feel like a whole new person.

  • Yes – the declutter idea is right up my alley. Helps with the focus and then to jump to “what was
    that aim/goal I had in mind” ? My time keeper ala – blocks of time help me to keep on track in
    many of my goal-oriented aims. Thanks for the tips!

  • Beth Shankle Anderson

    Fantastic tips! Visualization is the key to success. Cleaning up clutter always helps me refocus on things too :)

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  • What great ideas! I always forget about/give up on my resolutions by mid-year, oops. I have a few smallish resolutions that I’m determined to stick to this year. I like the idea of rewarding yourself for milestones. One of my goals is it lose 10kg by December.. maybe every 2-3kg lost, I can reward myself with a new piece of clothing, or some new make-up. That would definitely motivate me! x

    • Great idea, Christie! Let me know how your resolution is going.

  • Messy Cutting Board

    Love these tips!!! I always have to remember that a resolution is a year long process it doesn’t have to be complete in the first few days, and it is important not to be too extreme and to have fun you are totally right!!

  • Sarah Emily

    these are awesome tips! small steps and decluttering are definitely helpful!

  • I love your tips and feel like they are right on target! Yes, it’s true, any day and any time we choose can be a “start fresh” day. I follow most of the tips you have listed, and in fact, just blogged about “baby steps” the other day!