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Unexpected Ways You’re Getting Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is on everybody’s lips during summer.

But what’s some extra minutes in the sun for the perfect summer glow? Well… you gettin’ to glowy a.k.a. burnt. Uncontrolled sun exposure can lead to skin cancer or other skin diseases.

I talked about skincare during summer, quite a lot over here and you know what? I don’t intend on stopping any time soon.

I’m quite fair (or pale, as you wish) and people would think I’m craving for some tanned, brown skin. I don’t really enjoy sunbathing. I do sunbath to get a healthier look after the cold winter months, but nothing more.

sun exposure

While Commuting

Did you ever experience driving on a sunny day? Tha sun will come through the window and burn my skin.

At the beginning, I thought the glass or the AC would “protect” me. I was obviously dumb.

If you are sitting next to a window in a car or a bus, you still get sun exposure – your skin will get burnt is you expose it for too long or if you have sensitive/pale skin.

If you commute by bike or in another way, the exposure is even higher.

To be safe, apply sunscreen on your arms, neck, and face (there are the body parts that are usually most exposed).

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Almost forgot. If your desk is near the window at work, your skin can get damaged too. If you can’t move or switch desks, close the window blinds.

That 5 min thing you have to do

You know when you go out for a quick errant that won’t take more than 5-10 minutes, right?

It’s maybe going out to grab the lunch delivery and waiting for the driver to arrive, or walking around the campus from one building from another. During lunch-time, the UV index is very high, which means it can damage your skin the most.

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If you have fair skin like me, your skin will get red very quickly – even after just a few minutes in the burning sun at mid-day.

The best thing to do it either stay inside or wear long-sleeved clothes while out in the sun.

On summer rainy days

It sounds kind of crazy, right? I mean…it’s cloudy while raining, how could you possibly get sun exposure?!

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You’ve probably seen rain while it’s quite sunny outside. Even though it’s cloudy, it doesn’t mean the sun is completely gone. The clouds might be blocking it and the UV index goes lower, but the rays will still show.

During winter

How could you get sun exposure during cold, frosty winter days?! You will most certainly won’t get a tan, but the sun is still there, which means the UVA and UVB rays are there as well.

Some experts say winter sun can do damage as well on long-term.

You’ve probably noticed that when you go outside and face the white, shiny snow, your eyes hurt. That’s why some people wear those mirror glasses. The sunlight is reflected in the snow’s particles as well.

In conclusion, the sun is everywhere all the time. There is so much to talk about sun exposure and skin care. Based on your skin tone, medical and family history, your skin might react differently to sun exposure.

To be sure what and how to do it right for you, pay a quick visit to your dermatologist and talk more about how you can take care of your skin based on your needs and lifestyle.

Be healthy.

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