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why don't you come over

Why don’t you come over? | Gandul campaign

I will start by explaining why I have chosen to write this in English. It’s already a well-known fact that, from 2014, there will be no restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians on the British Β labour marker. As a result of this, Britain decided to promote a sinking, rainy, wild Great Britain to us. πŸ™‚ So, this is in English because here (in Romania) we do speak better English than any other French (no offense, vive la France!) and I want my message to be understood by as many people as possible.

ThroughΒ this articleΒ The Guardian (if you don’t know what The Guardian is – I feel sorry for you)Β Β invited their readers to come up with ideas for posters and different messages to discourage Romanians/Bulgarians to immigrate to UK.

Here you can see the posters.

Gandul newspaper has come up with a similar idea: if WE shouldn’t come to UK, why don’t YOU come over to Romania? It’s a campign whose purpose is to promote Romania’s strongest points (in comparison to UK).

I won’t say that Romanians are all honey and milk, neither Britons are. I’m aware of the fact that we have a very, very bad reputation around Europe, mostly because of Romanian Gypsies, political views etc. And I also know that you have brilliant Romanian people over there, that make us – and you – proud of them. I understand your concert, it’s natural. No one would like their country to be invaded by thieves, criminals or murderers. But there are good people among us (among the one you consider gypsies, thieves or criminals). I’m sad to see, that such an open-minded country as Britain (or as it wants to be seen) is not able to break this wall of discrimation.

Coming back to the gandul.infoΒ campaign. We’re trying to encourage British to come over, but are we prepared to receive them? I mean… we almostΒ have two motorways, the weather’s nice, but the infrastructure is not… so good. Don’t think that gandul.info had thought about that. But I doubt Β that British will be invading Romania any time soon.

The posters below are the property of gandul.info.


Please notice that the content of this posters isn’t offensive in any way. They’re written with humor by creative people.