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Why I refuse to watch Eurovision Song Contest

Back in the days I used to be o huge fan of Eurovison Song Contest. It was like a family tradition. Every single year I used to watch the show and comment with my Mum the songs, shows and votes. Until Lordi happened.


In 2006, Lordi was representing Finland with this terrifying look. Imagine myΒ  shock and disappointment when I saw that they have actually won the contest that year. Don’t get me wrong! I listen to rock/punk music and I know that it is not a common genre, generally accepted by everyone. I was living in a dream, that the Eurovision was about each country representing its culture, values and so on though the artist send there. Aaand it was gone! I realised I was living a lie.


Eurovision Song Contest infographic through out time

That was the moment when I decided that I will no longer watch Eurovision Song Contest.

Through the years I saw that countries which has something to offer to Europe were winning the contest. So, if there was any gas, petrol, money, or any other resource enough to feed the Europe’s top power countries, then we had a winner. There were from time to time some cool songs that were ok to win, such as Alexander Ryback’s Fairytale.

This year, Sweden has marked its 6th winning of Eurovision Song Contest. Another winning and Sweden will mark 7 winning at the contest, as Ireland (which counts the most winning until now – 7). I’m not impressed by the song, but giving the facts that I haven’t seen the other countries songs, I don’t think that I am able to say anything. Let’s not forget about the last year winner which was actually Europe’s desperate attempt to prove that it is not far behind US regarding equality between sexual orientation. Maybe this is a year break and that’s why the winner is not something extraordinary.

Sweden will host Eurovision Song Contest for the 6th time.

All in all I refuse to watch Eurovision because is not a song contest at all; it is all about the money, resources shocking shows and appearances. That’s it.

What do you think about Eurovision Song Contest? It is about songs, show and talent or about power? The contest will have its 60th edition next year, in Sweden of course.

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