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Why nobody told me why & how to study

There is this weird idea that if you study hard and get high grades, you’ll get a very well paid job. I got my bachelor degree with 10, and let me tell you that nobody’s chasing me to throw money in my face. The society promotes this idea that you have to study hard to get a good job, and also society tell’s us that you won’t use any of the knowledge that you get during college when you’ll work. What the fuck, society?!


I’ve spent my 12 years of school trying to understand why do I have to study and gather so much useless information into my brain on a certain time, for a certain period a time. I always said that all I need is to know where to search the information that I need, not to know everything by heart. I truly believe that the purpose of the educational system is to teach us where and how to find the information that we need for our future careers or simply curiosity.



I will hopefully graduate (again) soon enough and I’ll get rid of the educational system that tries to give the labor market brain washed future employees. It’s funny that most of the successful people, haven’t graduated any college at all 🙂 (I said most of them, not all of them).

Grades don’t matter. They are the most useless tool that the educational system could invent to make our self esteem go down. They matter only if you let them matter. Of course, the can be important for scholarships (if your financial status is not safe), certain prizes and so on. But you don’t have to let yourself labeled by a number.

But still… why nobody told me how to study? The only answer that I could get is that nobody knows. We got so used to this, because other did it before us and there will be other generation after us, that we don’t bother to ask why nobody told us how to study. Don’t get me wrong! It doesn’t mean that after you read this article, you’ll go and fuck up your finals and so on. God no!

I think that you are lucky enough to realize what do you want to do with your life and you go to the right college, after that things won’t be so desperate.

Did anyone ever told you how to study & why?

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