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girl in airport why you shouldn't travel in your 20's

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Travel in Your 20’s

You’ve probably heard that millennials love travelling. Actually, a recent survey by MMGY Global evaluates that millennials will travel 35% more this year. So yeah, apparently we – millennials love to travel. But is it actually good?

I know that seeing an article which is saying why you shouldn’t travel (especially in your 20’s) sounds nuts. I could agree with that. With all the “you should ditch your job and go travel the world” or “become a professional traveller” bullshit, I bet this article will look really off the rails at the beginning but hear me out. Please.

Millennials will travel 35% more this year.

I’m really not against travel, I really like it but I truly believe it’s not for everyone. Also having a nice holiday here and there, to celebrate some huge milestones (like graduating from Uni or getting married) sound really good.

girl in airport why you shouldn't travel in your 20's

Also, forgot to mention. This is about travelling abroad.

1. You’re not mature enough

Please don’t take it as an insult. Actually admitting you are not mature enough to travel is a very mature thing.

You’ve just graduated and you’re full of energy and you want to change the world. Well… first see it and after that maybe change it. But are you actually ready? Do you know how to plan your spending and not starve on your third day on the road? Are you culture sensitive, do you feel weird when there are only ‘tiny, yellow people’ around you?

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And most importantly… do you know how to make the most out of your journey (that does not include spending an hour trying to get that perfect Instagram picture when you’re feeling miserable)?

2. You don’t have the time

If my math is correct, chances are you’re already close to your mid 20’s when you graduate from Uni (around 22 or 24 if you go to a 5-year programme). That period is quite stressful by itself with all the exams and trying to get a job and also trying to figure it out what the hell life is about.

Squeezing some travelling during a summer break could be the holiday of your lifetime.

3. You’ll be missing out

Freshly graduated with high hopes and dreams, trying to build your dream career. You won’t build that dream career if you’re not actually working. If you’re travelling the world you’ll miss out a very good time to make yourself noticed by your dream company. Your work-skills will get outdated.

Also, you might need the money to travel later. Just sayin’.

If traveling is in your blood, you’ll find that job that will also include quite some travelling, don’t worry.

4. Travelling is not for free

Yeah… you should really get that job first. Travelling on Mommy’s money is not as fun as travelling on your own. Trust me.

5. It can be dangerous

And I’m not talking about the terrorist attacks are happening around Europe lately. The danger is everywhere. I’m talking about the fact that it can turn out to do more harm than good.

We get this illusion that travelling is great and it can help you discover yourself and so on. While I do believe that, because I’ve experienced it on my own skin, for some people it can be the worst thing ever.

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If you’re afraid of flights, have anxiety and can’t stand to be in crowded places, chances are that a trip will be more stressful than relaxing for you. Also travelling for long periods of time can cause depression.

6. It will not change your life

Because we see a lot of things while we’re scrolling through our Facebook feed, we automatically think travelling is amazing and it will change you. It could change you or it could not. It could change you into a completely different person that your loved one used to know.

If you’ll go just for the sake of it (and some really pretty insta pics) you won’t get the actual essence of travelling.

7. More important things come first

I’m not talking about getting married or have kids. But dorting your life out first would be nice.

Also getting some work experience in your CV will ensure you can still find a job you like when you come back from a 2-year hiatus. Experiment a little about finance: how can you spend and save money?

Fun fact, millennials are actually the generation which is saving the most according to Merrill Edge Report.

8. You’re not a sheep

If you see a cute couple on Facebook telling how they both ditched their corporate jobs and now are travelling the world for a few years, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. If lots of people seem to love travelling, it doesn’t mean you also have to love it.

Just ditch the FOMO and do things on your way.

So do all these mean travelling is bad? No, no way! Done and enjoyed properly, travelling can be truly remarkable.

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